Blogging = More $

…and you thought blogging wasn’t productive.

Now more than ever blogs are becoming popular. In fact, so popular that it’s estimated over 182M blogs were made available online this year. Blogs are slowly becoming the “thing” to read. It is estimated that 122M people read those blogs in 2011 alone. That’s almost 54% of all internet users reading blogs.

Blogging = Business

I did some research on how a company could improve business simply by writing a blog. The best answer I found came from in a blog named, “5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging“. The blog explains that just having to keep up-to-date in the field your business is in will help answer questions and allow you to become even more of an expert to your clients. In turn, by allowing comments to be posted and answering to those comments/questions in a timely manner on your blog with accurate and complete information will increase the clients trust in your company, creating leads and hopefully more business. You could even take common questions and make another blog answering them. The blog would also become an excellent way to track blog views allowing you to track those leads further.

Better Content = Business

I also set out to find suggestions on how a company can improve their existing blog. Sticking with I found another blog named, “26 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content“. Obvious by its title, this blog gives a lot of ways to improve a blog. I will just touch on the 5 best suggestions

Top 5 Suggestions for Blog Improvement:

  1. Allow Comments – Comments are key to creating a trusting lasting relationship with clients and customers
  2. Edit then Re-edit – Proof read your content multiple times forward, backward, one word at a time then post
  3. Frequency – Set a number of posts to publish each week that works for you and keep to the schedule
  4. Use Keywords – By using keywords throughout the blog it will help optimize your blog for search engines and allow you to be found more
  5. Ask Questions – Many bloggers have found it helpful to outright ask the readers a question and ask that the answer be posted in comments

Would You Read My Blog?

As a designer readers of my blog would be interested in reading about recently discovered techniques for creating a something in Illustrator or Photoshop. They would be interested in new software coming out to make our lives as designers somehow simpler. Maybe I find a good local place to have cheap, clean prints made of our work. Any potential clients reading my blog would interested in reading about upcoming events or shows within the community that I am participating in. I could even have a Q & A blog for anyone with a question.

Blogging can be a huge help for anyone. If you have a struggling company or simply need to get your name out but can’t afford to advertise. This is the best way to start and its free! Keep in mind over half the internet users are reading blogs…why not put your company on that read list?


I am studying Digital Media at Asheville-Buncombe Technical College. I want to be a graphic artist or a web designer after I finish up my degree this Spring. Thank you for your interest.

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2 comments on “Blogging = More $
  1. chattykattie says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog, the links are very helpful! I’ll defiantly be taking the time out to read the “26 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content” I think that your blog is very easy to read and scannable.

  2. chattykattie says:

    I forgot to mention one suggestion, you might want to make your title describe more of what the blog is about. Whereas I think “Blogging = more $” is a creative name, someone searching for tips to make their blog better might not be able to find your blog.

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